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Donations page to be made

Want to sponsor us?

You can donate thru paypal, check the button on the blog page:
We also accept bank transfers: Stichting Randomdata - Accountnumber: NL21ABNA0543225208





Thankyou's 2012

  • ITQ for the 0xf00d sponsor for HITR2NDB

Thankyou's 2011

  • HITB for arranging an awesome conference and sponsoring the booz for HITR2NDB
  • ITQ again for food at HITR2NDB and an awesome price for the hackerspaces challenge

Thankyou's 2010

  • ITQ for the awesome TV
  • Stichting NLnet for their donation

Thankyou's 2009

  • The guys who were on the 2600nl November 2009 meet
  • ITQ for paying the officials to register our Foundation
  • Fotowereld for being such supportive
  • Harry for giving us presents during the build-up
  • Youri for the small gift of music
  • Deathzor for the vacuum cleaner